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Cellcore Biosciences

Patient Direct Code: mUDCwgYW

Parasite cleanses, binders, drainage pathway support. New customers will receive my drainage pathways protocol. If you would like a customized cellcore protocol, please complete the survey at the link below and note Cellcore in box 3.


10% Off - Discount Code: JENNASCLEANLIVING

My favorites: portable sauna, water pitcher, and O3 ozone therapy

Lumebox Redlight

40% Off (No code needed)

Great for skin, collagen production, anti-aging, tissue repair, wound healing, inflammation and pain, muscle recovery, mood and cognition.


My favorites: Functional medicine lab testing, daily fruit and veggie blend, 21 day detox and more.

Please note: detoxing and parasite cleansing should only be done when drainage pathways are open. Please inquire about 1:1 coaching.

Purity Coffee

$20 Off Mold Free Coffee

My favorite coffee!! 3rd party tested for mold and mycotoxins.

Beauty By Earth


My favorite self tanner.

Frownies Wrinkle Patches

$10 Off (No code needed)

Goodbye wrinkles! These pretty patches are a great alternative to Botox.

Skout Organic Bars

20% Off (No code needed)

My kids favorite snacks. Our favorite flavors are raspberry, apple, blueberry, peanut butter & jelly, and cookie dough. The adult size peanut bars are also amazing!

ID Life

My favorite vitamins are ID Nutrition. Methylation +, B - Complex for my MTHFR friends.

Please take the assessment here for your customized vitamin pack.

Herbal Alchemy

My favorite skincare products and grass fed tallow.

No preservatives or synthetics. New customers save $10. Need a recommendation? Take my skincare quiz.

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